Vacation Ghost Town

If Facebook and Instagram are to be trusted, every person you’ve ever met is in Florida right now.

For those of us left behind, is anything getting done?

We are all for vacations but this time of year can be a killer for many businesses that are in the midst of their busy season, like our client that supplies the golf course industry or our client that is wrapping up their annual customer research project.

And as we go into summer, the vacation trend will continue.

Businesses like Oak Tree are uniquely poised to cover the gaps in productivity when employees are out en masse. Need help covering something during the vacations? Contact us to get a quote on handling your projects.


Vacations Are Good!

What happens to your business during times of mass vacations over major holidays? Sure, there’s a skeleton crew trying to hold down the fort, but are your urgent projects stalled? Does this make you discourage or downplay employees or co-workers from taking their vacation time?

Americans as a whole seem to be loath to actually use our vacation time, and it’s a real problem. The body and mind can only handle so much work-related tension before productivity starts to take a nosedive. Stress plays a part in causing illness, both short-term and chronic.

But taking a vacation -- even a staycation -- are good for worker productivity and for the economy, according to Forbes. Beyond that, it’s simply healthier. Stress reduction, improved creativity, and increased mood are physical benefits for employees, which translates into a happier and more energized workers.

The most commonly cited reason for not taking vacations is that the workload is just too heavy to get away.

If there are urgent projects that you can outsource to help your employees get away from the office, there are plenty of resources for that help. Interns home from college, virtual assistants, temp or contract workers, or feel free to simply give us a call.

Encourage your employees to take their vacation time and come back to work ready for new challenges. Short-term it may be an inconvenience, but the long-term benefits are well worth it.