Last Minute Holiday Office Party Games

At the office holiday party, are you dreading standing around a cheese platter while Mark from Accounting tells you all about his trouble with the moles in his yard?

Yeah, we would be too.

That’s why games and planned ice-breakers are a great way to kick things off in a fun way.

Here are a few, EASY ideas that don’t need advance planning to get your partay started:

  1. Guess Who Did What - Each person writes down a few interesting facts about himself on slips of paper. Slips go into a hat. Take turns going around the room pulling slips and guessing who did what. You might find out that sweet Patty from IT breeds show quality miniature ponies, and that is good stuff to know.

  2. True True False - Going around the room, each person tells 3 facts, of which 2 are true, 1 of which is false. Everyone can blurt out guesses or you can take turns. Either way, it’s fun.

  3. Really?! - Each person gets 2 candy canes when they walk in. They write down (either on a name tag or on a whiteboard in the room) 2 things about themselves, one is true, one plausible but untrue. As guests mingle, they guess which is true. If correct, the guesser gets a candy cane. If incorrect, they give a candy cane. Thirty to 45 minutes later, whoever has the most candy is the winner.

Happy Holidays to your crew from ours!