Avoid Open Enrollment Headaches

For many companies, Open Enrollment is November 1st to January 31st. So what does that mean for your company? It’s a time to review / reevaluate your insurance plan and enroll in a new plan, if need be.

Abby Rosenberger wrote,in her Small Business Employee Benefits and HR Blog, 5 Tips for Small Business Owners:

  1. Evaluate your current health insurance options

  2. Evaluate new health insurance options

  3. Know the dates

  4. Take advantage of premium tax credits (See IRS info on this)

  5. Communicate with and educate employees

Competitive medical benefits are a crucial part of hiring the best employees. Sure, other perks are greatly appreciated, but having great insurance makes your company more attractive to potential new hires and rewards loyal employees.

Because insurance coverage is so important, it’s now a law that everyone must carry it.  

If you need help reviewing your options, or educating your employees on the benefits offered, let Oak Tree Operations help! We have years of experience in employee relations and HR issues and are ready and available for benefits projects. Please give us a call today to discuss your project.