Successfully Onboarding New Employees

Have you ever started a new job and been “thrown” into your role with no training? We have. And having to ask a co-worker you haven’t met yet where the bathroom is can be awwwwkward. On the other hand, we’ve worked for some big companies that had full new employee orientations, schedules for meeting all the managers, and check lists of onboarding goals with timeframes.

LinkedIn posted a super informative infographic on onboarding written by BambooHR. Here are a few stats that we found most interesting:

  • 76% of new hires said “On the job training” is most important in the first week of a new job

  • 31% of new hires have quit a job in the first 6-months (most of those were entry-level or mid-level positions) -- only 3% of upper management left that soon

  • Most of those who left that early felt that Clearer Guidelines would have helped them stay

  • 45% of HR estimates  ineffective onboarding costs over $10,000

Forbes posted a recent article about called How To Get Employee Onboarding Right, which states that the more support and direction you give a new employee, the happier and more productive they are - which doesn’t seem like rocket science. But for many growing firms, it’s just one more thing for which they have to make time.

According to a study the Society of Human Resource Management published, there are “4 C’s” of successful onboarding.

  1. Compliance is the lowest level and includes teaching employees basic legal and policy-related rules and regulations.

  2. Clarification refers to ensuring that employees understand their new jobs and all related expectations.

  3. Culture is a broad category that includes providing employees with a sense of organizational norms— both formal and informal.

  4. Connection refers to the vital interpersonal relationships and information networks that new employees must establish.

Do you need help setting up onboarding plans for new hires? Our background in HR and project management make us an ideal fit to help you quickly get this done. Give us a call to discuss!