Year End Data Crunch - Finish Strong!

We are now just a month and a half away from the end of 2015 - that went fast, didn’t it?

Sales quotas that need to be met for the year, revenue collection, dealing with a growing client list and the need for more employees, and the fun of closing the books for 2015, can bring real anxiety to business owners this time of year.

As many of our clients are small businesses, we wanted to reference a great Top 10 List we found to help you finish strong.

  1. Review your policies and procedures - and prepare to adjust if needed for 2016

  2. Get to know your financials

  3. Think more creatively to expand your business next year

  4. Add value versus discounting - this is an expensive time of year and adding a perk (gift cards, tickets to an event, etc.) to close lingering business can be strong incentive for action

  5. Evaluate bad habits - it’s not too late to “be better at networking,” volunteering your time to a cause you believe in, and improving time management

  6. Set realistic and achievable goals

  7. Use mentors and your support team - a fresh set of eyes on a problem or to bring ideas to you can bring lasting benefits

  8. Improve your digital footprint - we are firm believers that the web is extremely underutilized for many small businesses - spend some time thinking about how 2016 could be a year you pay the attention to how your website works for you

  9. Show gratitude and heart - this is touchy feely but bear with us; how you serve others is who you are - something your customers and employees will appreciate

  10. Commit to your own health and well-being

If you find yourself overwhelmed with year end data and could use some help with data entry, online research or project management, give us a call. We would love the opportunity to quote your project or can be available with blocks of hours devoted to your business.