Do You Need a Company LinkedIn Page?

You have a personal LinkedIn account, should you also have one for your business?

You have a personal LinkedIn account, should you also have one for your business?

LinkedIn - the social network for business professionals to share their professional highlights, newsworthy updates about their careers, as well as to share relevant industry content with their network - is a very underused tool by many small business owners.

We at Oak Tree are asked this question often: do I need a LinkedIn company page even if I already have my own LinkedIn account? Our answer: why wouldn’t you?!

It’s a free tool that can be used to raise brand awareness, promote career opportunities, and educate potential customers on your products and services. It’s another place online for your website to link, which expands your digital footprint and makes you easier to find by those looking for what you sell.

According to a 2014 Power Formula survey of almost 900 LinkedIn users, 74% of LinkedIn members use it at as a tool to research people and products. 

LinkedIn appeals to more established, educated career-oriented professional - exactly the type of person valued by small B2B companies. Business Insider published a study that says 27% of 30 to 49 year olds in the U.S. use LinkedIn. 38% of college educated adults are on LinkedIn.

Bottom line? It’s quick, easy and free to set up a LinkedIn page for your business. Adding content to your page by sharing your existing blog posts, press releases, and job postings will attract more followers.

Want more? Contact us to find out how we’ve helped others go from nothing to having an active LinkedIn business page.