"Half Way" Point Check In

We are more than halfway through 2016. For some, that fact is welcome, for others, it means panic. The official halfway point is actually the beginning of July, but summer is in full swing at that point. It’s not till the kids are back in school that it feels real.

Fourth quarter is right around the corner and now is an excellent time to take stock of where things stand in your business.

What’s working? What’s not? The beauty of the mid-year review is that corrections that need to happen can occur to make an impact at year end.

The Toft Group posted a short article touting the benefits of pausing to take stock in mid-year. These include the obvious, from spending compared to revenue, to the slightly obscure like tapping into the energy of your corporate culture.

Our top 3 favorites include competitive and industry analysis, operations review, and employee feedback/review. Knowledge is half the battle in figuring out how to gain market share, and reviewing where you stand in contrast to your competitors is an excellent starting point.

Are your operations running smoothly or do you have balls being dropped? Is your staff wasting time on mindless administrative duties at the expense of customer relationship building? Taking a step back helps answer some of these questions objectively.

How about your employees? Are they fulfilled or frustrated to the point of a job search? Making time to check in with them regularly allows you to get ahead of any issues that could boil up during the stress of fourth quarter.

If your mid-year check shows that you’ll need help with certain tasks, contact us to discuss. We can take things off your plate to allow you to focus on your biggest goals for the rest of the year.