"I have the pleasure of working with Annie for several years. Annie assists me by conducting both desk (secondary) and primary research for projects involving my consulting practice. I have found Annie to be professional and very attentive to detail. When conducting primary research, whether depth interviews or surveys, Annie is able to talk to managers as well as company CEOs. If your company is in need of help in research, social media, organizational management, etc., contact Annie. You will be happy you did."

T. Scott K., President at Kearney Associates LLC

"Annie took all kinds of time-consuming administrative work off my plate so I could focus on revenue-generating activities. I'd highly recommend Annie to anyone."

Jason S., Principal at Ben Franklin Labs


"Annie doesn't miss a thing. She handles whatever you throw at her and does it with grace, style...and a sense of humor. Your life will be better if you hire her. The end."

Brett V., Brand + Business Architect For Speakers, Authors & Thought Leaders


"Annie helped Start Garden recruit and settle start-ups into the ecosystem at 40 Pearl (Grand Rapids). Her personality, diligence, and follow-through proved to be both fruitful and enjoyable to work with. I feel like she was able to utilize both her own personal network as well as open new doors for herself to achieve goals. Words I have thought along the way that describe her would be: determined, diligent, professional, tactful, witty, creative, smart, and funny (she has a great sense of humor). Its been a real joy working with her."

Joseph L., Finance Director at Start Garden, LLC


"Annie and Oak Tree Operations have been a great addition to the Sinclair Group Marketing & Sales alliance. Annie's administrative, project management and operational efficiencies are saving us time and money. I would recommend Annie and the Oak Tree team to any start-up or SMB looking to improve their operations and systems."

Dean S., Founder | Partner - Sinclair Group Marketing & Sales + Entrepreneur + Consultant + Business Development


"In the time we have been working with Annie I have enjoyed her easy-going nature and quick response to every request made for her assistance with our social marketing efforts!"

Dean R., President at Grand Home Automation/CDI/Executive Design & Engineering